Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ramona & Beezus (20th Century Fox 2010)

Previs work for a scene in which the bank takes Ramona's house.

Previs work for a moment in the movie where Ramona's cat dies.

Previs work and colored key scene.

layout sketch for the opening dream sequence

Previs for a scene where Ramona's house gets taken away.

Storyboard sequence for the banker scene.

Storyboard sequence for the carwash scene.

layout for Ramona's street used for location scouting.

Client: 20th Century Fox, Moving Picture Company
Previs credit under Moving Picture Company

Storyboards and Concept for the 2010 summer movie based off the best selling children series Ramona & Beezus written by Beverly Cleary.

I worked one-on-one with Director Elizabeth Allen to produce concepts for some of the major fantasy sequences Ramona has throughout the film.

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